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What’s a ‘Paper Wallet’? Do I Want one?

What’s a ‘Paper Wallet’? Do I Want one?

Like a number of other current articles at Wild Duck , this post is organized as being a question-and-answer. That’s as it ended up being initially my respond to a user of Quora, a Q&A website of which we am a Bitcoin columnist.

What exactly is a ‘Paper Wallet’

A paper wallet may be the ultimate offline wallet. It just implies that the personal target to your crypto wallet is printed in writing — either being a string of figures, a QR rule, or a number of seed data data recovery words.

Then hiding this piece of paper is very similar to hiding a bar of gold if you destroy any electronic copy of your original wallet (e.g. the private keys that give you access to your wealth. The only means that some body can take it or understand the amount it represents is to find their eyes and on the job one thing real. They might must know into your mattress or behind a secret panel of your cellar wall that you tucked it.

I think, a paper wallet, though protected, presents a huge danger towards the owner—even larger than the potential for the equipment wallet to be hacked. (more…)

February 4, 2020