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Exactly about Royal Wedding Gowns throughout history

Exactly about Royal Wedding Gowns throughout history

From Honiton lace to Orange Blossom, Royal designer wedding dresses over time have actually encompassed tradition, whilst still embracing changing fashions.

With the aid of The Royal Collection Trust, have a look at our gallery to see a few of the dresses used by Royal Brides over the years.

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Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria, who shares with Queen Mary we, the distinction to be a Queen regnant who married after her accession, dressed exclusively for her wedding to Prince Albert on 10 April 1840, in the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace.

Her dress ended up being of white satin with a deep flounce of honiton lace. Pinned to your neckline that is off-the-shoulder a brooch that Prince Albert had offered her as a wedding present: a sizable sapphire in the middle of diamonds. Her earrings and necklace had been additionally manufactured from diamonds. On her behalf mind, rather than the anticipated coronet of diadem she wore only a wreath of orange blossom and a lace veil.

Honiton lace is an element in wide range of Royal wedding gowns; it really is a sort of bobbin lace made in Honiton, Devon.

Princess Victoria, The Princess Royal

The oldest child of Queen Victoria married Prince Frederick of Prussia, later on Frederick III, German Emperor and King of Prussia on 25 January 1858 during the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace.